Rift Valley Sport Club Nakuru

Rift Valley Sports Club was started in 1907 by a few Englishmen after the arrival of the railway in Nakuru town.

The Club was initially meant to bring people with common interests together and also for the “who is who” in the Country and aimed to serve the needs of such groups.

The trend has however evolved with the Club opening up for young professionals and sports personalities.

The Club has since changed from its initial mission to a more active role offering a wide range of sporting facilities such as international squash courts, international lawn tennis courts, modern table tennis, modern snooker tables, international cricket pitch, modern swimming pool, basketball pitch and a modern soccer ground.

Our Vision is to be the most efficient, friendly and homely Member’s Club in the Country with International outlook
To develop and maintain the Club facilities to the highest standards in order to provide consistent and quality social events, sporting, recreational and hospitality services to our members and their guests.

RVSC Values

Family values
1) To uphold family values
  • By being role models to our children through good
  • By promoting of togetherness in the family unit
  • By creating activities for all age groups in the family thereby enhancing bonding Club
2) To uphold good morals
  • By discouraging anti-social behaviors like drug abuse, improper mode of dress, use of abusive language etc.
3) To encourage interpersonal relations
  • By creating an atmosphere where every member and staff regardless of race, religion etc feels welcome and appreciated.
4) To respect other members and their guests
  • To be civil in our approach when dealing with other members and their guests.
  • To treat others as we would wish to be treated.
5) To respect the rule of law.
  • To ensure adherence to all laws provided by the Clubs Constitution and those enacted by the state.
6) To respect and uphold the club’s constitution and bylaws.
  • By putting in place sanctions to discourage members from violating them.
7) To promote fair play, meritocracy and professionalism at all times
  • Developing a good Performance Management System.
  • An effective feedback system that acknowledges one’s performance through merit awards.
8) To operate to the highest level of probity, accountability and transparency.
  • By putting in place systems that ensure good financial management, procurement systems and transparency in all dealings that the Club is involved in.